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Thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) behave like classical elastomers at room temperature, but are plastically deformable with heat supply. TPEs are characterized by a physical cross-linking (no chemical cross-linking) which can be solved by heat. As a result, the standard methods of plastic processing, such as injection molding, extrusion, etc., are possible. A simple processing is provided by a large processing window.

TPEs are outstandingly suitable for multi-component processing and also hard-soft connections are possible.

Thermoplastic elastomers can be produced and dyed in many colors, are available in many hardness settings and have a pleasant surface (haptics). The materials are completely recyclable.



CompoundOne provides the following thermoplatic elastomers:


Elastomers based on styrene

  • TPE – S: SEBS
  • TPE – S: SBS


Elastomers with vulcanized base

  • PE – V: EPDM/PP


Elastomers based on polyurethane

  • TPE – U: TPU

following modifications are available:
  • colored (3D visual)
  • Low Density
  • High Density
  • FDA Types
  • Medical Types
  • Adhesion-Modified Types
  • Flame Retardant (V0 to V2)
  • Transparent Types