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CompoundOne sells various polyamides under the trade name Compamid ®.

Polyamides are semi-crystalline polymers which are characterized by excellent mechanical properties, high thermal resistance, good toughness (even at low temperatures) and good friction and wear characteristics. These polymers are resistant to dilute alkalis, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels, alcohols, esters, ketones, fats and oils.

These properties make them a preferred material in the automotive industry (engine, fuel system), the electrical industry and the sporting goods industry.

CompoundOne can provide the following polyamide types:

  • Compamid® B70 (polyamide 6, PA6)
  • Compamid® A70 (polyamide 6.6, PA6.6)
  • Compamid® C70 (polyamide 66/6, PA6.6 / 6)
  • Compamid® D70 (polyamide 12, PA12)